Iphigenia in Aulis” by Euripides. The Other Theatre Company, Cage Theatre, London


The Other Theatre Company is playing Euripides, using John Barton's excellent adaptation of „Iphiginia in Aulis“ at The cage, a new-ish venue above The Landor pub. Barton manages to get the balance between the true human voice of Euripides and that of modern life (audible from the pub below), and so does this production.

Emotionally, it is a powerful brief hour. The direction is simple and strong, with central performances by Francesca Buller (Iphiginia) and Vivienne Ritchie (Clytemnestra) worthy of the RSC. Iphiginia's transformation from terrified daughter facing sacrifice at her father Agamemnon's hands, to the heroic 'bride of Greece' is a tour de force. Peter Marinker plays Agamemnon with grave intelligence. Even the chorus- notoriously difficult to stage- hits the right and original note.
It’s proof, if proof were needed, that the fringe can produce real quality as well as surprises.

(Joanna Trollope – Time Out, March 1995)